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IHT Planning

Are you happy to pay 40% of your estate (after allowances) to HMRC?

Wouldn't you rather pass on your estate to your beneficiaries?

With suitable Inheritance Tax advice it is possible to minimise, and sometimes completely mitigate, the potential tax on your estate.

It is sometimes called a Voluntary Tax as many individuals and their estates are taxed needlessly when some simple planning steps could have avoided sometimes tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds in tax.

We at BML Financial Solutions would much prefer that our clients estates are passed on to their beneficiaries as much as possible rather than going in to HMRC's coffers.

The first steps to ensuring the effective IHT mitigation is an up to date Will and then considering your personal circumstances before making appropriate recommendations.

Savings of IHT can be made by as simple a recommendation as putting existing life policies in trust to more sophisticated tax planning such as using Business Property Relief. This exempts qualifying investments from IHT after 2 years.

The Inheritance Tax mitigation market has increased significantly over the years and there are more products and options than ever before. Getting advice from a qualified Adviser is essential to exploring all of your options.

  • The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate Inheritance Tax Planning.

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