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Here at BML Financial Solutions we have a four stage planning process for managing our clients' investments / personal wealth.

  1. Factfinding and goal planning: - Analyse assets and liabilities, establish target income / capital and dates required, establish any specific requirements, i.e. ethical, social etc and scenario planning, risk / investments.
  2. Attitude to risk and asset allocation: - Complete bespoke risk analysis, identification and discussion on accepted volatility of different asset classes, the design of a suitable mix of assets to generate the expected desired return.
  3. Tax wrapper products and fund research and monitoring: - Pensions, ISA's, OEIC's, Unit Trust's, Bonds, investment fund selection, initial external research team / fund filtering, sophisticated software to analyse each individual fund, an extensive internal fund research using risk weighted measures of return.
  4. Review process - Regular face to face reviews, agreed levels of ongoing service, complete review of all funds / holdings, making adjustments and switches as and when required.

Why Invest?

Cash deposits are useful for holding short term emergency funds but inflation erodes the real value of the cash over the medium to longer term. With interest rates at historic lows currently and inflation relatively high most savers are between the proverbial rock and hard place. Whether you are depending on income from investments or savings there is a balance to strike between risk and reward.

We do not use the word guaranteed at BML Financial Solutions as we believe this should only be used with death and taxes. When you see major companies going bust and only saved by government loans you need to tread carefully. We prefer to offer our commitment to giving you straightforward uncomplicated advice in an easy to understand manner.

Why Use BML Financial Solutions

All of our Advisers have over 10 years experience and have grown the business due to clients continually coming back to us for advice / services.

It is the greatest compliment that we can ever receive when clients come back to us year after year. For those prospective clients who do not know us we offer you the opportunity to come in and meet us. The first meeting is always at our cost and you are under no obligation to use our services

You're Safe in Our Hands