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Coming to terms with the loss of a loved one, or coping with a "Critical Illness" such as Cancer, Stroke or a Heart Attack (to name but a few) is never easy. However adding financial burden to the grief can make coping that much more difficult. Receiving a lump sum cannot bring back the loved one, or take away the illness, but it can help support your family or even a business.

Protection can be taken out for a number of reasons. To protect the repayment of your mortgage, provide a lump sum to your family, Inheritance Tax Planning, covering education or childcare costs, or to provide an income to your partner if you were to die. Often Directors of business' take out cover on each other to protect that business if one of the "Key Persons" or major shareholders dies to ensure the business can still continue to trade whilst the loss is dealt with

Protection can be taken out for a defined term (maybe the term of your mortgage, or until your children reach a set age) or for the whole of your life and at BML Financial Solutions we have access to a comprehensive range of insurers. We will work with you to ensure the correct type and level of protection is provided to suit your needs and budget, in what is a very difficult area of financial planning.

You can use comparison websites, however there are major drawbacks as these invariably are price driven. Ranking policies on price alone can often obscure vital details, such as the Critical Illness' covered or exclusions to a policy and potentially leave you vulnerable. Having the wrong insurance could make a bad situation worse, and add to the grief and worry.

We take a totally impartial view and will ensure that we recommend a product and term to meet your needs. Using sophisticated comparison software which looks at the whole market to ensure you have comprehensive cover that fits your budget and provides the cover you require.

Private Medical Insurance

In our busy lives, waiting for treatment on the NHS can be lengthy and uncertain, and therefore Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is vital to aid a speedy recovery. Getting treatment at a time and at a location to suit you as soon as possible. PMI, like Life Assurance has many options and levels of cover available, and online websites often quote the cheapest, however in turn this invariably leads to disappointment when it transpires you are not covered for your particular ailment. Therefore we look at the Whole Market and ensure the level of cover, and hospital scale you receive suits your needs. We can discuss your individual or family needs, or maybe if you are an employer we can look at the costs of covering your employees, ensuring you give your staff the best cover and opportunity to get back to fitness and work, benefiting you and the employees.

BML Financial Solutions Ltd acts as a credit broker not a lender

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